After having applied between November 2012 and February 2013, 9 Erasmus Mundus fellowship students from all over the world were selected to perform their thesis within the NanoFar consortium. 3 other students benefit of local fundings to support their thesis.

They all have integrated their universities from the 1st of October 2013.


The NanoFar PhD students of the 2013-2016 edition are:

Name Topic Institutions
Dario CARRADORI photo identite dario New Peptide-Nanovector delivery system in neural or mesenchymal stem cells UA / UCL
Flonja LIKO Flonja_ID Dendrimers as a powerful tool for theranostic applications UA / USC

Valentina KALICHUK

picture_Kalichuk Use of Affitins for the development of functionalized nanoparticles to deliver payloads to targeted colorectal tumor cells UN / UCL
Ivana ŠTAKA Ivana Staka Novel gel-associated drug-loaded nanocarriers for intratumoral delivery UNott/ USC
Nataliya STOROZHYLOVA NanoFar web-page Chitosan-based nanoparticles for the selective targeting of the galectin-3 UN/USC
Rahmet PARILTI Rahmet Parilti Design of new multifunctional nanocarriers for proteins delivery ULg/UNott
Aiswarya VISWANATH photo identite Aiswarya Dental stem cell delivery through new injectable matrices for spinal cord regeneration UCL/UNott
Negin MALAKOOTI   Imprinted hydrogel networks for sustained delivery of peptides and proteins for ocular and mucosal therapy UNott/USC
Saikrishna KANDALAM Saikrishna_ID Nano and micro tailoring of biomimetic and pharmacologically active biomaterials combined to adult stem cells for spinal cord injury repair UA/UCL
Lisa TERRANOVA   3D nanofiber scaffolds for bone regeneration UA/UCL
Aurelien CONTINI   TGFβ1(Transforming Growth Factor Bêta 1) encapsulation in biodegradable polymer
particles using CO2 supercritical condition, application in cartilage engineering
Edward MILBANK EMilbank_ID Microparticles as a therapeutic strategy to prevent or revert obesity and its metabolic complications in the field of nanomedicine UA/USC