All partners of the consortium will offer the useful services to the best running of the Doctoral Programme for all our European or non-European candidates. The partners will develop these services on five main areas: language courses, educational tutoring, housing facilities, help in administrative tasks, and extracurricular and cultural activities in order to ensure good social integration).
- Language courses: for a better and easier integration, local language courses will be offered or proposed with advantageous rates. French speaking partners (Angers, Nantes, Liege, Louvain) will offer French and English courses.
- Educational tutoring: teaching staff, other than the PhD supervisor at each partner university, will tutor each doctoral student. Moreover, international student's association or international researcher associations in each NanoFar University will allow the doctorate candidates to participate in various intercultural activities (cultural, scientific...).
- Housing facilities: each partner of the consortium will both offer rooms in hall of residence and assistance in finding private accommodations.
- Help in administrative tasks: all the partners will give support to the selected student in visa and social insurance, health care coverage and bank account, belonging or not to the EU. Specific information will be given to doctoral students with families and with special needs (such as adapted housing, specifing visa process).

- Extracurricular and cultural activities: sports and cultural activities are offered to students of each university of the consortium.