After having applied from November 2015 to February 2016, 5 Erasmus Mundus fellowship students from all over the world were selected to perform their thesis within the NanoFar consortium. 2 other students benefit of local fundings to support their thesis.

They all have integrated their universities from the 1st of October 2016.


The NanoFar PhD students of the 2016-2019 edition are:


Name Topic Institutions
Shabnam SHAHZAD Development of radiopharmaceutical carriers for theranostic and selective internal radiotherapy applications ULg / UA
Bhanu Teja SURIKUTCHI Nanocapsule Gel Formulations for Pain Relief in Osteoarthritis UNott / USC


Nanomedicines for the selective delivery and treatment of glioblastoma initiating cells ULg / USC
Sohaib MAHRI Understanding the mechanisms involved in the lung retention of PEGylated proteins UCL / UNott
Ulung KHOE KUSUMO Dendritic micelles as a powerful tool for theranostic applications UA / USC
Raneem JATAL Novel therapeutic strategies that interfere senescence escape for the treatment of resistance in colorectal cancer UA / USC
Muhammad HAJI MANSOR Functionalized polymer implants for trapping and removal of cancerous cells in glioblastoma UA / ULg
Mathie NAJBERG Bio-interactive silk-fibroin based implant in glioblastoma for control of destiny of cancer cells, their trapping and removal UA / USC