After having applied between November 2013 and February 2014, 7 Erasmus Mundus fellowship students from all over the world were selected to perform their thesis within the NanoFar consortium. 2 other students benefit of local fundings to support their thesis.

They all have integrated their universities from the 1st of October 2014.


The NanoFar PhD students of the 2014-2017 edition are:

Name Topic Institutions
Wei-Hsin HSU WeiHsin_Hsu_ID Nanocarrier-modified active biomaterials for regional delivery of genetic material USC / UNott

Nanoparticles-loaded hydrogel for the treatment of glioblastoma


Oral presentation Award - SFNano Annual meeting, Paris, France - December 2016


Bathabile RAMALAPA

Bathabile_ID Design of new delivery systems for therapeutic proteins based on calcium carbonate microspheres UA / ULg
Milad POURBAGHI MASOULEH   Mesenchymal stem cells as cellular vehicles for delivery of drug-loaded nanoparticles to brain tumors via the nasal route UA / UNott
Reatul KARIM Reatul_ID Design of novel apigenin formulations for the treatment of glioma tumors ULg/UA
Deniz UGUR   Development of functional materials to stimulate neurons and guide stem cell differentiation towards neurons UNott / UA
Petar VUKOJICIC Petar Vukojicic_ID Dendronized Affitins in therapy and diagnosis UN / USC
Hélène LAJOUS Helene_ID Development and characterization of a multifonctionnal copolymer nanodevices for monitoring and enhancing efficacy of loco-regional radiosensitizing therapies in glioblastoma: application to alkylating agents UA / ULg
Kristell BARREAU   Le peptide NFL.TBS.40.63 : identification du récepteur et du site d'interaction avec la tubuline UA / ULg