Two types of courses will be delivered :

  • Courses allowing acquiring transferable skills (6 ECTS). The objectives of those courses are to provide skills in the categories of academic language & writing, career management, interpersonal & communication, IT & information, research environment & context, research methods & approaches.

  • Courses allowing acquiring core skills (8 ECTS): chosen from the large range of scientific courses (at MSc or PhD level) at each institute or outside the consortium, those courses allow the PhD trainee to enhance their scientific culture and to specialize in specific fields most closely related for to their research work.

PhD students will be encouraged to follow optional ECTS modules, validated by the management board, either during their home training period or their mobility periods.

An approved course handbook will be published and given to all students at the beginning of their programme.
In addition to courses/school based training activities, each PhD student will propose a short but precise professional report (8 ECTS) at the end of the second year. This project will be elaborated in close relation with a mentor coming from either the academic or industrial sectors with whom the student has contact with through the NanoFar network.