NanoFar programme lasts 3 years including a mobility period of 1 year in the partner country.
The NanoFar network has designed an integrated training programme allowing the PhD student to acquire core and transferable skills. Taking into account the research project of each candidate and his/her previous curriculum, a concerted tailormade programme is built together with the two supervisors at the beginning of the PhD.The doctoral programme will follow the legal European basis (180 ECTS for a 3-year programme).

The core component of PhD training and research careers in the NanoFar programme will be doctoral training and advancement of knowledge through original research in the field of nanomedicine design and biological/clinical applications.
Together, all partner countries, have defined the prerequisite for an integrated NanoFar PhD
curriculum in the field of Nanomedicine. This programme offers students main core and
transferable skills in relation with their research and career goals.


Nanofar PhD training

Our overall objectives are to create a new culture of openness and partnership favourable to innovation, to train, attract and develop a human capital of excellence, and to promote internationally the research in the area of Nanomedicine.