Doctoral projects, approved by the Supervisory Board, are proposed by two institutes (named Home and Host institute) representing two different countries of the NanoFar consortium.
Each project is supervised by two principal investigators (each one coming from the home and host institutes).
The list of projects for the call 2015 (2015-2018 edition of the programme) will be proposed at the really end of October 2014 on this webpage.
The list below describes the PhD projects proposed for the call 2014 (projects starting in October 2014). These projects has been awarded with funding by the European Agency.


Thesis subject

Home partner

(2 years) /

Thesis director

Host partner

(1 year) /

Thesis director


Thesis description

Nanocarrier-modified active biomaterials for regional delivery of genetic material

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Dr M. Garcia-Fuentes

University of Nottingham

Prof. Cameron Alexander


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Nanoparticles-loaded hydrogel for the treatment of glioblastoma

Université catholique de Louvain

Dr Fabienne Danhier /

Prof. Véronique Préat


Université d'Angers

Prof. Frédéric Lagarce


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Dendronized Affitins in therapy and diagnosis

Université de  Nantes

Dr Barbara Mouratou

Universidad de  Santiago de Compostela

Dr. E. Fernandez-Megia


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Design of new delivery systems for therapeutic proteins based on calcium carbonate microspheres

Université d'Angers

Prof. Frank Boury

Université de Liège

Dr Moreno Galleni


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Mesenchymal stem cells as cellular vehicles for delivery of drug-loaded nanoparticles to brain tumors via the nasal route

Université d'Angers

Dr Anne Clavreul /

Prof. Philippe Menei

University of Nottingham

Dr Snow Stolnik /

Dr Cynthia Bosquillon


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Design of novel apigenin formulations for the treatment of glioma tumors

Université de Liège

Dr Géraldine Piel /

Prof. Vincent Bours

Université d' Angers

Prof. Catherine Passirani


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Development of functional materials to stimulate neurons and guide stem cell differentiation towards neurons

University of Nottingham

Dr Mischa Zelzer

Université d'Angers

Prof. Frank Boury /

Dr Claudia Montero Menei

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Last update : 01/10/2014

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